• Friday 28 April - 12:30 until 23:00
• Saturday 29 April - 10:00 until 22:00  Party 22:00 - 01:00
• Sunday 30 April - 10:00 until 23:00 (Ecstatic Dance not included)

Including tax
★ Three Day Festival ticket
€175,- Earlybird until 28th February (€25,- discount)
€200,- Normal ticket (standard selection)
€245,- Business ticket (includes invoice) Simply remove the normal ticket, select and add the Business Ticket
€160,- Student price (26 years or below) Simply remove the normal ticket, select and add the Youth Ticket

€65,- 3x dinner, 2x lunch by Robin Food

When you are 26 years or below you can order a ticket with €40,- discount. Simply remove the normal ticket and add a Youth Ticket in the option list.

Normal ticket:€265,- including tax & dinner.
You pay €165 now, then €100,- at reception with cash.

Every Sunday morning there is Ecstatic Dance in Club Lite. This will also continue during the Tantra Festival. If you wish to join the Ecstatic Dance on Sunday morning with DJ Kareem, you will need to buy a ticket at the reception on Sunday morning.

Friday 28
12:30 Doors open
14:00 Opening ceremony
23:00 Finished
Saturday 29
9:15 Doors open
10:00 Start workshops
01:00 Finished
Sunday 30
09:15 Doors open
10:00 Start workshops
22:00 Closing Ceremony
23:00 End

Get yout ticket by filling out our ticket form. Sorry, but It is only possible to get a ticket for three days! BUT we do have limited tickets available for the party evening on Saturday from 20:00 - 1:00 with Live music by Praful, Avi Adir and party by DJ Kareem and more. For more info and tickets visit our FaceBook event.

Club Lite
Jan van Galenstraat 24
Google Street
Public transport: Bus 18 stops right at the door. Or Tram 13 + a 5 min walk.
Parking: Gemeente Parkeertarieven or Prettig Parkeren

Around the festival area there is paid parking on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 - 00:00 (Sunday free parking). For more information we advise you to see these maps. The purple area is 3,- per hour, red area is 2,40 per hour (red area is past the canal, away from the A'dam centre).
Amsterdam Parkingmap or Prettig Parkerenkaart

Please share rides to and from the festival! It is a fun way to meet new people, it saves costs and resources. We hope you can find eachother through our FaceBook CARPOOL group.

We would have wanted you to stay at the festival and sleep at the venue Club Lite. But this is not possible because the required licenses. So we try to help and find you a nice place to sleep. 
If you have a place you would like to offer, or if you are looking for a bed/couch, we created a special group for this. Find eachother at our FaceBook SLEEPOVER group. When you charge for a shared room, we would prefer it you make it not higher then €25,- Euro.

We found three hotels that still have space and are pretty close by. Please don't wait too long with booking, since this weekend is a busy weekend in Amsterdam due to Kings Day on the 27th.

Couchsurfing could be fun

and of course: 

What to bring
Something precious to place at the altar.
Extra clothing to stay fresh after each workshop.
Bring a couchen or small blanket to sit.
Bring a water bottle and write your name on it.

What NOT to bring
Earrings or other delicate jewerly.
Sharp pointy jewelry.
Expensive items.
Bad breath/smells.

On the festival terrain there are healers present. There you can also find help for paracetamol, bandages or other small injuries.

Audio volume
There can be loud music during certain live (drumming) performances. The organization can not be held accountable for any damage to your hearing or other physical well being. The organization advises to wear ear plugs during Djembé or other drum concerts.

If you are interested in participating in the festival as a volunteer, you can apply your motivation through this form. We will contact you as soon as possible. We have received many applications, you can still apply for the reserve list.