You can choose which workshop to participate in, as long as there is enough space.
The complete program will be presented during the festival.
Healings can be booked for private sessions.

Doors opens at 12:30

15h - 18h WORKSHOPS
18h - 20h DINNER
20h - 23h WORKSHOPS

Doors opens at 10:00

10h-10:30h Sharing groups
10:30h-13h WORKSHOPS  men & women seperate
13h-15h LUNCH  men & women seperate
15h-17:30h WORKSHOPS  men & women seperate
17:30h-18h Sharing together
18h-20h DINNER
21:00-1h PARTY*

* The Party is open for new visitors:
Check FaceBook Event for more info

Doors opens at 10:00

10h - 10:30 Sharing
10:30 - 13h WORKSHOPS
13h - 15h LUNCH
15h - 18h WORKSHOPS

 22:30h Final leaving time


Intro talk into tantra

How Tantra Can Save the World Meet Master Teacher Boehme. Ask your questions. Join the discussion. When we practice…

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Elixir of the Gods Chocolate as you’ve never experienced it before – as a medicine in a group setting to create…

Sacred Union Ritual

Melting polarities into oneness The world exist out of feminine and masculine energy. The receptive one (feminine) and…

Tantric Dance

Dance to your essence The dance between the polarity’s of feminine and masculine. One is guiding the dance, one…


The secret of love Are you tired of blame, struggle and loneliness? Age-old spiritual wisdom and new scientific…

Kashmir massage

The tantric art of touch Tantra invites you to be contact-oriented in touch, and not goal-oriented. How can you be in…

Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga

MultiDimensional Lovemaking and Spiritual Growth Explore the spiritual science of Babaji's Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga.…

Tantric Breathwork

Tantric Breathwork Op het tantra festival geeft Lars Tantric Breathwork, een vorm van ademwerk waarbij we de onderste…

Systemic Work

Systemic Rituals and Sexuality During this workshop Systemic Rituals helps us to investigate the different parts of…

Magic Sexuality

Embody your sexuality and feel home Through prayer, drum and singing, we enter a different stage of consciousness, we…

Ritual Animal Magic

Come get your beastie on, feel your wild freedom Release into your animal to roar with your power and pleasure! Connect…

Safe, Surrender Devotion

Discover inner safety in your body with devotion These themes are deeply connected to the heart. As we dive into the…

Beyond S*x

A Sacred Union with the Divine What if you could go beyond s*x to a field that brings you closer to the Divine. What if…

Heart-Sex connection

Connect your heart and sex: find your power A lot of men struggle with being a man and are at a loss. Often isolated…

Orgasmic Self Pleasure

Awakening your inner landscape of arousal For a lot of people self pleasure is something they do quick, with a specific…

Love Temple

A Held Space to Connect to Yourself and Others The Love Temple is a special for connections that is open in the…