★ TFA 2020 this Month Early Bird ★

Tantra Festival Amsterdam


The festival is getting closer and closer.  And we would like to let you know that only this Month there are tickets available for the Early Bird price.


Tantra Festival Amsterdam

★ tfa 2020 ★
10 - 11 - 12th april

Teachers that already approved:

Elfriede&Rakesh (Tantric Dance, ShivaShakti ritual)
Shahid Gerd van Helden (Mens work)
Aaron Kleinerman (Tantra)

Inge&Erik (Rising Heart, Tantra Festival België)
Marta Obrycka (Osho Dynamic Meditiation)
Pravasi Ma (Tantra)

Jan&Caroline (Tantra Festival Rotterdam)
Sascha van Ras (Mens work)
Margo Awanata (womens work)

Tickets are available! Early bird only this year
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Tantra Festival Amsterdam

★ tantra gathering ★
27 july - 1 augustus

By gathering tantra professionals from all over the world, we can create a field of love that can deepen your exploration. During these days we offer the opportunity to be with a teacher for a full day, so you can deepen the experience with that teacher and other participants. This gathering has the depth of a retreat and the freedom of a festival combined.

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Tantra Festival Amsterdam

★ tantric cacao ceremony
for lovers - thurs 12th dec

Are you longing to connect on a very deep level with your own heart and the heart of your beloved?
This is a journey. A journey to your Sacred, Ecstatic Heart. With the loving spirit of Cacao.

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Tantra Festival Amsterdam

♡ lovers temple ♡
15th Febr  ♡ valentine

Are you wondering what the PERFECT present for your beloved is, when its Valentine? An immersive weekend into tantra of course! Get the juice going, be authentic and enjoy each other like its the first time.

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Hope to see you!


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