Public Transport

Across the Mirror Centre is the Muiderpoort Station in Amsterdam East.

  • Tram 7 from Flevopark of Slotermeer
  • Tram 3 from Zoutkeersgracht
  • Stadsbus 22 to Indische buurt (to Indische Buurt from Amsterdam CS)
  • Stadsbus 37 to Molewijk (from Amsterdam- Amstelstation)
  • Stadbus 37 to Amstelstation (from Amsterdam- Molenwijk)
  • Stadsbus 41 to Muiderpoortstation (from Gaasperplas)
  • Streekbussen 120 and 126 (from Diemen, Schoolstraat)
  • Stoptrein from Amsterdam, Diemen and Weesp

Plan your train through www.ns.nl

From Schiphol you can best travel by train: Schiphol > Amsterdam CS > Muiderpoort Station > 2min walk.