Elfriede van der Sanden

Art of Loving

A passionate tantrica, with background in the Healing Tao. Together with her partner Rakesh, she brings many beautiful events in this world: like Tantric Dance, Wild Women Day and the Tantra Festival Amsterdam.
For her, it's all about embodiment, bringing the 'new energy' in the body. She is not so much about adding new things to learn, but more about unlearning and surrendering to the not knowing, and to the beingness of the body.

"It is my passion to work with sexual energy, since I feel this is the most powerful transformative tool we have as humans. I hope to meet you in a place of connection and freedom." 

In the TANTRIC DANCE you explore both polarities: masculine (guidance) and feminine (surrender). We do this by diving into the body and use breath and movement as our tools to open.


Tantric Dance [nl/en]

20:00 - 22:30 ( Thu 18 Apr '19 )

Purple Temple


Shakti womens group [nl/en]

15:00 - 17:30 ( Fri 19 Apr '19 )

Red Temple