Jan and Caroline


For Jan and Caroline Tantra is a way of life, first in their love relationship and daily living. This way of life they share in their training from a program based on a variety of tantric traditions, Buddhism, science and a long experience as trainers. Desire is their main exploration and sexual desire is to strongest way of Tantric meditation. "If you really can be free in your sexual desire you are free and connected. Than you can choose to live in loving kindness."

Jan has been giving tantra workshops since 1994, and since 2008 together with Caroline. Jan and Caroline create a safe setting in which you can explore deeply. They not only share their rich knowledge, but are also an inspiring example from their own experience. Since 2004.

Jan and Caroline organize every year a one-day Tantra Festival with 36 workshops and more than 300 attendants. Jan and Caroline published the book Tantra, het geheim van de liefde in 2019. At the Tantra Festival Amsterdam they will initiate you into this secret of love. Age-old spiritual wisdom and the latest scientific developments create the possibility of a loving connection without struggle and pain. Tantra invites you to let go of negative emotions and judgments and to connect the pleasure of desire and ecstasy with meditative attention. In this way you work not only on a stable and exciting relationship, but also on a loving world in which contradictions are bridged and people can meet each other respectfully.