Sifra Nooter & Ronald Jonker

Magie van seksualiteit

We recognize magic in eachother. We have a love affair and together we bring "The magic of sexuality" into the world. We create a safe bed by connecting with spirit, love, light and wisdom. Everything can take place within that sacred space. We connect with ourselves, our sexuality and our hearts and from there with each other and with the world around us. Sifra is the author of the book 'Return of the Embodied Feminine'. Ronald: "I experience Sifra as an omniscient old soul. She can see clearly and has the ability, through prayer, to name what wants to be named. On a personal, collective and universal level and in that way to bring transformation. She has direct access to the soul or spirit world, from which she receives inspiration and information, she guides groups through rituals, through different layers of consciousness." Sifra: "From the outset I was impressed by Ronald's ability to empty himself and act accordingly. I experienced his healing touch and his talent to bring light and love through all the pain, fear and suffering. His powerful presence is pure and clear. Without distraction, without noise, completely open in the here and now and what wants to be seen."