Tanya & Sadhu

Its About Love & Exalted Heart

Sadhu Valakhilyas & Tanya Rozenthal Tanya and Sadhu love to share their gifts as space holders and facilitators of deep process work. They bring a rich fusion of experience in sexual shamanic work, sexological bodywork, tantra and embodiment practices, working with both individuals and groups. They delight in joining forces to offer richly transformative, erotic empowerment workshops and trainings.


Tanya is an embodiment alchemist and loves to bring together wisdom and humour in her work. She is dedicated to supporting others with Kundalini Awakening processes, and in the integration of the messy magic of life. Her passion is eco-sexuality: to bring human love and community spirit back to it’s origins, re-union with nature, and awakening relationship with our home, Mother Earth.


She has a background in transpersonal psychology, musicology, literature, eastern mysticism and various BodyMind psychotherapeutic modalities. Sadhu’s work facilitates your deepening of your connection to your body, your emotional and sexual expression, and supports you to live in conscious relationship with yourself and others. He is a sacred sexual priest, and is devoted to living the expansion of the ways of love in our world. His work emphasizes our profound capacity to collaborate & co-create with life, each other, and nature.

He is a keen shadow hunter, and delights in offering archetypal work and ritual that draws from the rich mythological traditions from across the world. Sadhu is a passionate, playful storyteller ever ready to dive into the magic of the mythic realms! Together, Sadhu and Tanya are playful love pirates riding the sea of transformation, each devoted to their own individual heart expanding journeys. They are grounded, creative, and committed to authentic human expression. They both currently live in Amsterdam.