Griet Paepe

  • Griet chooses bodywork, because it is so powerful and transformative! In search of optimal health on all levels and ‘wholeness’, she has walked different paths in the field of health, spirituality and bodywork. The biggest breakthroughs she experienced was when she decided to work with her body on deep levels and peeling off challenging layers. Stepping into the body, having the courage to feel what is alive inside and wants to be seen and released, gave great evolution in personal healing, consciousness expansion and the spiritual path. Her curious and courageous soul and warrior has drawn her on her path here on earth. "The path has chosen me!”.

    Several courses in bodywork/massage (Deep tissue, intuïtive relaxing, Ayurvedic, Thaï chair massage, (Kashmiri Tantric) Massages,…), Body Dearmoring and Sexual Healing (The Tender Touch Technique, Gaia Method at Susanne Roursgaard, Sexual Dearmouring and Female Sexuality, ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and apprentice at House of Tantra give her the in-depth knowledge and embodied experiences she is seeking for herself and her seekers / clients.

    She works with women and men to help them peel of the armor of the body and liberate themselves from anything that doesn’t serve their lives and wellbeing anymore. Guiding souls back into their bodies, creating a deep connection with the physical body and the inner self, raising sensitivity and ultimately experiencing bliss feelings is what Griet desires for her seekers. She shows a way how to have more awareness about the self and your precious temple. Together you can explore the interesting field of sensations in your body and how to share this in a safe and sacred way with another human being/soul.

    Do you want to be RECONNECTED again, back in your HEART space, and be fully EMBODIED…? Then Griet can guide you in this beautiful process!