DJ Goldmund

  • In his own words: Ecstatic Dance is all about the journey. An epic journey through many dimensions of movement and feeling, created in the moment with all present in the dance space, and which is still to resonate the day after. As Ecstatic Dance DJ this is what I aim for. It’s a medium where I can combine my love for music, adventure, art and life, all encompassed in the levels of body, heart, mind, and spirit, which relates to one greater theme, as in the dance of Ecstatic as in the dance of life; passion.

    DJ Goldmund was born in South Africa and has been living in Amsterdam for seven years.

    Much appreciated for his Mixcloud posts in the United States, he has been invited on a three week tour in the Northeast US in Sept 2018, where he will play in places like Boston, New York and Val David Canada.