Healers 2018

As a shamanic healer and tantric masseur, Anna invites you to reconnect, to receive and to surrender into the art of touch. 

Bringing consciousness into the area of love, intimacy and sex.

Sandra feels deeply privileged and passionate to be supporting people in re-aligning with their authentic self and to fully embody their conscious participation with Life.

Joyce is a Bodyworker & Coach and gives sessions on festivals and retreats for over 5 years. Specialized in Thai Yoga Massage, De-armouring, Therapeutic Flying and Partner Yoga. 

He helps liberate people from the chains of their past and to enable them to truly embody their Highest Divine Potential and to live a truly happy, healthy, loving, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Studied and practiced nutritional science (orthomolecular) as well as all kinds of massage and other kinds of (tantric) bodywork.