Musicians 2018

What happens here is more then just music tracks, it is a chance to dive deep and liberate yourself.

DJ Nimble tunes into the energy of the space and intuitively selects music that awakens your body and moves your nimble feet.

Bas is a percussionist who makes, repairs and plays all sorts of instruments. His favorites are the djembe and doundoun.

Through an hypnotic and sensuous music, you are invited to a unique experience where sounds carries you into a healing space through deep relaxation. The music Elie plays has the capacity to transport you to your inner realms


For many years now, Anna is playing the alchemic crystal bowls , frosted crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, koshi-gongs, ocean drum, and sansula. Her goal is to let people experience the magical healing sounds of these instuments, as much as possible. 

Terence is a percussion artist, based in Amsterdam.

Shastro has proven himself as one of the more versatile performers in the realm of world fusion music - an artist who never fails to surprise and enchant with every sound-scape he creates.   

DJ Martyn Zij (Ecstatic Dance, Tantric Dance, Pangaia) developed an unique taste for different music genres from all over the world. With his music he gives space, excites trance and imagination, but also ensures a presence in the “here and now”.

Justyna Szatkowska is a passionate yoga and mindfulness teacher, energy balancing therapist, dancer, breath coach, quality engineer and DJ.