Teachers 2018

Raised in an Osho community, his base in Tantra was born. Now known with 'Tantric Dance', which he teaches for over ten years.

Elfriede has a passion to combine sensuality, body work and energy work. With much joy and creativity she oganises events and gives (taotantric) workshops.

Kaya Jiwan is a Sacred Sex Coach & Holistic Bodyworker from the Netherlands. In her studio and around the world she guides individuals and couples on the path of Sexual Awakening & Orgasmic Consciousness.

Through his highly sensitive nature and dynamically inspiring energy, he offers a light-hearted approach to deep inner transformation.

For Jan & Caroline Tantra is a way of life, in the first place in their love relationship and daily living. This way of life they share in their training from a well thought out program, based on a variety of tantric traditions, Buddhism, science and


A down-to-earth, intuitive and humorous spiritual path for herself and others combining western and eastern philosophies and techniques. Been facilitating workshops and events for over 10 years.

Tantra became her path and way of life when in 1999 her Tantric Master Leela from the Kaula of the Heart lineage revealed herself to her and started sharing secret tantric methods, which Pema explores and transmits ever since.

Passionate en intrigued by life and it’s possibilities, Carole got in touch with a love for embodiment, relating and heart connected sexuality.  

During 20 years working as a music and theatre-performer , Trijn Amrita has developed healing skills using tantra, shamanism, yoga and mantrasinging techniques.

Through Passion of Heart she inspires people to unleash their full potential and to live from their inner passion and heart. 

Juel has always been fascinated by the horizons of experience, identity, intuition and the unconscious. In all of her work, she challenges herself and the other on the flexibility of perceptions, exploration of boundaries, and individual/group


Nishta comes from the world of Conscious Movement by way of psychology, tango, yoga. She was a student of the Diamond Approach school and is a

Ohad Ezrahi dedicated decades of his life to the deep research of Kabbala, and the practices of Sacred Sexuality, unveiling the divine core of human sexuality and the mysteries of Eros.

Joyce is a Bodyworker & Coach and facilitates workshops and events for 3 years. Specialized in Thai Yoga Massage, De-armouring, Therapeutic Flying and Partner Yoga. 

Step by step Niels helps people to step out of the world of thoughts and patterns. To give them insight into their true selves. 

While traveling in the Amazonian jungle, Yama and Hans were initiated as a Medicine Couple, with the profound task to combine their gifts and create a safe ritual space where miracles can happen. That is what they do since.

Marieke and Tim (Kundalini Yoga School) both dedicate their lives to spiritual growth through yoga & meditation and guiding others towards a life in truth.