You can choose which workshop to participate in, as long as there is enough space. The complete program will be presented during the festival. Healings can be booked for private sessions.

Doors open at 13:00

15h - 18h WORKSHOPS
18h - 20h DINNER
20h - 23h WORKSHOPS



Breathwork - Niels
Boundaries & Desires - Carole
Fiebreath Orgasm - Marya
Embodied Intimacy - Nishta
Tantric Dance - Elfriede & Rakesh
Concert - Shastro
Open to Essence - Premala & Kaya
Enjoy your desire - Jan & Caroline
Orgasmic yes - Karlijn
DJ Nimble

Doors open at 10:00

10:30h-13h WORKSHOPS men & women seperate
13h-15h LUNCH men & women seperate
15h-18h WORKSHOPS men& women seperate
18h-20h DINNER
21:30-1h PARTY

* The Party is open for new visitors:
Check FaceBook Event for more info



Women group - Juel
Women group - Marya
Men group - Rakesh
Men group - Kaya
Shiva-Shakti Gathering
Concerts - Terence Shastro
Concerts - Elie
DJ Martyn Zij
DJ Jussi
DJ Nimble
Love Lounge - Trijn
Surprise Act - The Alchemist

Doors open at 10:00

10h - 10:30 Check-in & Sharing
10:30 - 13h WORKSHOPS
13h - 15h LUNCH
15h - 18h WORKSHOPS
20h - 21:30 CLOSING CEREMONY & Singing Bowls
21:30 - 23h CLOSING PARTY



Only love is here - Marya
Kundalini Yoga - Marieke en Tim
The Heart of the Medicine - Pema & Team
Embodied Intimacy - Nishta
Divine Union Ritual - Yama & Hans
Temple Initiation - Joyce Bosch
Energetic Penetration - Ohad
Tantric Healing - Karlijn
Concert - Singing Bowls
DJ Rakesh


Shiva Shakti Gathering

This ritual starts with men and women separated. The women will come in their feminine energy, and the men in their…

The Heart of the Medicine

Our senses are the doors from where existence reaches us. It is from our senses that we receive everything the universe…

Sacred Union Ritual

A beautiful space, balancing the male and female energies. In this intimate Sacred Space, couples* are invited to go in…

Embodied Intimacy

We dance through the sensate body to free ourselves from holding patterns, care for our emotions and make peace with…

Tantric Dance

A free contact-dance between two persons, that gives reflection about how you relate with the other. Through a playful…

Love Lounge (Saturday evening)

A playground to connect and exchange your energy in a safe and sensual way. We’ll create different corners for…

Firebreath Orgasm

A breath, body and chakra journey, with roots in the Cherokee Indian tradition. This technique can be a deeply healing…

Temple Initiation

Honouring the God & Goddess withinOnce we met in Tempels. Where we got and gave initiations. Where ceremonies were held…

True Connection

This Yoga session will share specific techniques from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to truly connect with yourself, with…

Only love is here

At the core of our human nature resides the ability to make sense and logic of everything we encounter. We get used to…

Opening to Essence

What lies beyond our personality? What lies beyond the “persona”, the mask? Our psyche has created personalities to…

Energetic Penetration

It is hard to believe, but we can have full sexual pleasure without any physical touch -- just by applying our ability…

Tantric Healing

How can I transform raw, sexual energy into ecstasy and bliss? How can I support my partner to do so? How can we use…

Sensual Touch

How can we stay present and authentique when two people come together and choose to explore intimate and sensual Touch?…


Strong connection with your body, deep breath into your cells so blockages can surface. By staying with your breath you…

Exploring Boundaries and Longings

Inviting the experience of oneness and divine union with life or with a partner, we need to be in touch with our Self.…

Enjoy Your Desire

In this workshop we explore the opportunities to learn to enjoy the desire, and then transform this energy into love,…

The New Man (men only)

What is required of men in the post #MeToo era? Like all great shifts, a new era calls for a new spirituality. And a…

Shakti Unleashed (women only)

An invitation to dive into your body and explore your divine life energy, your Shakti. Through tantric practices we…

Penetrate the World (men only)

The way you look at sex, the way you have sex and the way you think about sex, says a lot about you. How you move…

Embodied Flow (women only)

Women have a natural power source of energy within us that is truly a force of nature, yet we usually don’t recognize…

Presence Practice (men only Shiva/Shakti)

Being present and holding your presence is not always easy. Specially during challenging moments where you get…


Tantra Massage / Sexual Liberation

Tantra massageA sensual massage with the purpose to awaken sexual energy and to direct it up and all over the body thus…

Temple Tantric Massage

You are going to experience a very pleasant full body massage in a sacred space where altar, ritual and intention are…

Sensual Massage

Allow yourself to enjoy more 'Juiciness' and' Bodily Pleasure’. Joyce will give in an intuitive way, while listening to…


Being happy and successful in life, is a natural result of walking your authentic path. I support you to experience,…

Tantric Shamanic Body De-armouring

A unique emotional bodywork technique through which trauma imprints can be released from the physical body, as well as…