Marya Norell

  • Marya is a women’s group facilitator, a spiritual midwife, a tao/tantric practitioner and a couple coach. Since her twenties, she has been a passionate creator of transformational growth programs that support people to awaken and embody who they really are. In the past 18 years it has also become her mission to accompany women on the path of awakening into full flowering. She has learnt from many different paths, teachers and traditions. After a life-changing spiritual experience and the following healing journey, she has redirected her path towards a much more loving approach, cultivating self-love and self-care on a daily base. She is transmitting a life of experiences that have been polished for many years and it is her passion to be part of people's awakening journeys as well as bringing spirituality into everyday life. Together with her beloved Elie, she leads Living Intimacy for Lovers, tantric retreats for people who want to awaken through intimate relationships.


    Shakti Unleashed

    Firebreath Orgasm