The Heart of the Medicine

Our senses are the doors from where existence reaches us. It is from our senses that we receive everything the universe can offer us. It is from there we meet with existence and yet we are not fulfilled. Did you ever ask yourself why? I have at least one answer: we are disconnected. Our senses are no more connected to their roots which is the heart. They have been up rooted and plugged back in a wrong soil: the mind. It means that the sensations we get from our senses are being analysed, categorized, filed in our computer-mind instead of being felt by the heart.

If you look at a flower and only think of it instead of feeling it, you can’t expect meeting the flower. The only thing you are going to meet are your ideas, concepts of the flower but not the flower itself. And this is a valid example for men, for women, for everything and everyone we encounter in our life.

In this event, I would like to create a space with all of you where we can truly meet. I will share with you the Heart of the Medicine where we can get back our roots into sensations animating in us kindness, beauty, honesty, spontaneity... Through this process we light up the luminous vibration of our being for it to share the expression of love, of consciousness. We also revive, sharpen the senses to their maximum capacity of receiving and giving flow. All of it to connect the inner and the outer in a deep mysterious meeting, union.