Shiva Shakti Gathering

This ritual starts with men and women separated. The women will come in their feminine energy, and the men in their masculine energy. After this separation they will be united.
This meeting has a powerful ritual; its not about meeting the other gender, but it is about meeting the other inside ourselves.

We let our hearts be touched, by each others strength, vulnerability and beauty. We are invited to really see.

By seeing each other, in all that we are, magic comes in. We give space to all that rises up, it can be joy but also tears, its simply seen and by that it can heal.
A ritualistic moment with a powerful effect. A moment where you are invited to let go of your wounds you carry about the other gender/yourself.

By facing each other in a Real way, we are finally ready to heal. To make a new start for a healthy relationship within ourselves and outside.
We make couples (lovers have the chance to do this together) and we go into connection together, ready to face who we are and who the other is. Pure and real.
A ritual that will shiver your cells, and blow your heart open…connecting sky and earth, masculine and feminine.